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Ortez will miss CC Harrison for 2 months
American winger CC Harrison (13 ppg at Pro A, 15,7 ppg at EL)...

Tony Williams out for a month | 03/03/2006 | France
U.S. forward of Rouen Tony Williams (2.01, 15.2ppg, 7.8rpg) will be out

End of season for Wheeler | 02/03/2006 | France
American point guard of Gravelines, Tyson Wheeler (15ppg, 3rpg, 6apg) injured himself against Reims...

Linehan finally with Strasbourg | 02/03/2006 | France
After long negotiations, all sides finally acchived an agreement satisfactory for all parts...

John Linehan probably at Strasbourg | 25/02/2006 | France

U.S. playmaker John Linehan (14ppg, 5apg this season with Paris)

Villeurbanne : Felton out for a month | 25/02/2006 | France
U.S. playmaker Lavelle Felton who moved before 15 days at Asvel from Iraklis

Larry Abney at Brest | 25/02/2006 | France
Brest signed up U.S. forward Larry Abney (28, 2.03).He graduated

Moves of Dijon | 25/02/2006 | France
After the return of their former player Vakhtang Natsvlishvili and the sign up of american guard Tony Brown

Moves of Roanne | 09/02/2006 | France
Roanne decided to stop contract with U.S. guard Tony Akins (14ppg , 6apg)

Moves of Dijon | 09/02/2006 | France
Dijon signed U.S. guard Tony Brown (26, 1.94) from Arkansas State

Hiram Fuller at Ortez | 03/02/2006 | France
U.S. center Hiram Fullar (2.06, 24, 12.7 ppg, 8.7 rpg with NBDL team Florida Flames)

Allred Lance at Bourg | 20/01/2006 | France
U.S. center Allred Lance

Marc Brown at Reims | 20/01/2006 | France
U.S. playmaker Marc Brown who had play 12 games with Reims last season

Nancy : Tariq Kirksay out for 6 weeks. Boyette signed | 20/01/2006 | France
Best player of Sluc Nancy Tariq Kirksay (15ppg, 7rpg) injured at the game vs Dijon

Vincent Masingue out for 3 months | 20/01/2006 | France

International French center of Villeurbanne Vincent Masingue

Strasbourgs adds Hatton | 18/01/2006 | France
Strasbourg has added guard Bobby Joe Hatton, who signed a two-week contract...

Antonio Grant at Cholet | 14/01/2006 | France
US Forward Antonio Grant who played 10 games with Spartak St Petersburg

New Moves of Brest | 14/01/2006 | France
American forward Robert Brown who was under testing period signed up and had excellent performance

Piplovic absent six weeks | 11/01/2006 | France
Croatian international in force with Brest, Marko Piplovic picked up an injury at training...

Grant at Cholet? | 10/01/2006 | France
Cholet is testing Antonio Grant, who is expected to replace Olivier Bardet (out for 2 months)...

Moves of Brest | 06/01/2006 | France

An article including all moves of Brest team as it is a team that confused everyone in league so far with their roster.

  + 2869.15
  + 10.47%
15/03/2006 | other
Shannon out of Ramat HaSharon
12/03/2006 | Italy
Flash News Roseto - Biella
12/03/2006 | other
Final of the cup - updates
11/03/2006 | Greece
Problems for Panionios against PAO
11/03/2006 | Greece
Vassiliadis and Maksantev out for PAOK
11/03/2006 | Adriatic
Cibona without Penn against Vojvodina
10/03/2006 | Italy
Cantu' without Jones and Katelynas against Teramo
10/03/2006 | other
Jamie Arnold is an Israeli
08/03/2006 | Adriatic
Latest March news for ABA
08/03/2006 | Spain
Alicante; Hunter inked, Johnsen released

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